Thursday, January 5, 2017

Who's Aiman?

Im the right one.
My Full name; Aiman Amani bt Zulekfli. Ya, Im GIRL.The real Aiman Tino because 'Tino' Means perempuan in Kelantan accent haha. 20 Years. Kelantan. Leolians (20 August 1997). IIUM Student.
Please dont be shy to having friend with me because Im a MEDIOCRE :D

Im the second from six. Have a brother. 1 year older. Year 3 student at Mu'tah University, Jordan. So I haven't kakak at all. Im the 'kakak' maybe? haha. Nice sound. 
Lecturers' first daughter. My Abah Lecturer for Arabic language and My Mom Islamic course. Satu jabatan at Institut Perguruan Kota Bharu. Kat rumah pun nak bersyarah jugak. haha. They also have a Kedai Runcit and a Homestay at Pengkalan Chepa. and. They will finish their PhD within this Year. I am so proud with them.

I use this site to wrap up story of my life, write down my special event, share some benefit inputs and maybe share some recepies haha. Not even to show off what I have. I thought that when l dedicated memories here and read it back, I can remember back what I have done. Thatsit.

Well, I use to 'blogging' everywhere I am as long as it's safe and 'Ilham'able (what the kind of word haha)

That's all about myself. Do Follow My Instagram and Twitter.
Thank You for reading

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