Friday, January 6, 2017

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Assalamualaikum, Good Morning and Happy New Year to everyone!
The best Segmen I have ever joined, Serious Talk! Congratulatiom Mek Zumbie for this awesome segment!

Okey, Lets go !
Actually, I have a lot of things and plans to do within this year. 
The most is.. jengjengjeng  
Seriously, I am both excited and and nervous for this one. 
Insha Allah this September, I will attend into Bachelor of Islamic Education in International Islamic University (IIUM). Do pray for me! Insha Allah, my succes also come from you Du'aa
The second one is, Kahwin. haha. Takdelah. Satu je kan, jangan nak melebih okkay :D

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Thursday, January 5, 2017


A very good morning and happy New Year to Everyone!
2016, happiness, and new year image
I have done my unexpected, emotionable and knowledgeble 2016! It's too short and very unexpected.
Well, I made only one 'GOAL' for 2016 which was :
Pace your life with Allah, Ummi and Abah s' Redha
Alhamdulillah and a massive praise to Allah all I have done from the Opening to the Ending. For all Nikmat he Gave and all favours I feel, Lets do some 'WRAP' for my 2016 'takdir'.

My Study. 
Actually, aku sepatutnya habis Foundation Studies for this year (this month specifically) but I made an decision to Extend for one more Sem. Ok cerita dia macam ni, aku dapat tahu kena Ambik one more level 5 English for the last long Sem, but after think a thank (depends on my istikharah) akhirnya tekad untuk Extend satu lagi long sem sampai April 2017.
dan Insha Allah akan masuk Bachelor in Islamic Education in September2017.
The big reason for my 'extend case' is: I will have a break 3 month (from Mei-August) In sha Allah during this period, I will do some operation and recovery for my health. Do pray for me, I beg.

Too hard to face its, seriously. Sampai satu tahap aku rasa dah tak boleh hadap dah sampai persoalkan "Kenapa semua ni kena dekat aku, Sakit nya ya Allah" DEEP IN MY HEART, ITS VERY HURT. Tapi hebatnya Allah bila dia UJI supaya kita sedar yang kita ada DIA. Bila pusing belakang balik. The only word i can say is "Sayangnya Allah dekat aku"
Thank you my caring, lovely and understanding friends (Anis, Amni, Syuhada, Hanan, Tikah, Nisa and so on)yang pujuk aku walaupun tak tahu aku nagis sebab apa haha. Yang cover line aku masa kejadian di Taman Paramount tempoh hari walaupun korang dah halang tapi aku nak pergi jugak, memang padan muka haha. Yang tahu bila aku tipu masa korang tanya "aiman okkay tak?" hahahaa. Terima kasih sangat-sangat. Allah je mampu balas jasa kalian. sobs
Thank you for those come, teach and change my life to be better. I am so thankful.

All I need for 2017 are:
Good vibes, Positive mind, Stay curious to know everything, Keep Humble, Stay Healthy, Struggle more to achieve Mardhatillah and make your surrounding smile!

Thank You 2016

Who's Aiman?

Im the right one.
My Full name; Aiman Amani bt Zulekfli. Ya, Im GIRL.The real Aiman Tino because 'Tino' Means perempuan in Kelantan accent haha. 20 Years. Kelantan. Leolians (20 August 1997). IIUM Student.
Please dont be shy to having friend with me because Im a MEDIOCRE :D

Im the second from six. Have a brother. 1 year older. Year 3 student at Mu'tah University, Jordan. So I haven't kakak at all. Im the 'kakak' maybe? haha. Nice sound. 
Lecturers' first daughter. My Abah Lecturer for Arabic language and My Mom Islamic course. Satu jabatan at Institut Perguruan Kota Bharu. Kat rumah pun nak bersyarah jugak. haha. They also have a Kedai Runcit and a Homestay at Pengkalan Chepa. and. They will finish their PhD within this Year. I am so proud with them.

I use this site to wrap up story of my life, write down my special event, share some benefit inputs and maybe share some recepies haha. Not even to show off what I have. I thought that when l dedicated memories here and read it back, I can remember back what I have done. Thatsit.

Well, I use to 'blogging' everywhere I am as long as it's safe and 'Ilham'able (what the kind of word haha)

That's all about myself. Do Follow My Instagram and Twitter.
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