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STUDY TIPS (My Version)

For me, study is something fascinating which is kindda thing we must enjoy it; Yang kita tak sepatutnya stress pun, yang penting enjoy lah!

My achievement : 8As PMR, 9As SPM, Finished my foundation with 3.67 and my current pointer is 3.72. At all, Alhamdulillah and Im proud on it. Please pray for my next goal: Grad with First Class Degree Insya-Allah (thanks).

Actually there is NOTHING special about my achievements sebab thats all things are only on the paper (theorically), what we must do is apply its in our Daily Life (practically)

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Now I'll share litle bit from My Tips, I hope it will help you guys. I'll focus on university version okkay :)

In the Beginning of the Semester
First, Prepare file folder for every subject
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I call it 'Magic File' Kalau ambik 6 subjects, 6 files kita kena ada.
Benefits : Easy to find any notes especially during quizes and examinations. Kalau kita tulis notes from lectures dkt Test Pads nanti letak je dalam file ni. Easy !
Basically, benda pertama yang I akan letak dalam file ni is : Course Outline
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Kenapa course ouline ni penting :
1. Topics Sktech: Kita akan dapat gambaran apa tajuk yang kita akan belajar nanti in general.
2. Assestment Distribution: Penting supaya senang kita nak score the Subject
3. References: Apa rujukan yang lectures akan guna nanti.

Second, Notebook
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In term of Notebook, I guarantee satu notebook for every subject tu tak akan habis pun hahaha. So I usually akan beli 2/3 Note Books je and mix 2 subject in a single Notebook. Tapi make sure buat partition la
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Second, Study Planner
For me, benda ni wajib kena ada dekat dashboard every semester and selalu kena update macam kita update stories dekat IG dan kena rajin jugak macam kita buat Skincare Routine haha.
This is my own version Study Plan, You guys also can make yours. I preferred plain background supaya nanti tak serabut nak tampal tampal updates.
(Buat guna Words je)
1. Kita akan always noted Due Dates for any Quizes, Assignments, Presentations and Examinations.
2. Kita akan very well prepared for the assestments, baru lah senang nak scores. Thats it!
3. Senang nak set bila nak balik, bila nak beli ticket etc; (Especially students yang duduk jauh macam I).

During Semester
First, Dont Skip first class because masa ni lah lecturer akan brief about the subjects, Marks distributions, Due date assignments, Topics yang akan belajar, dan yang paling penting buku apa yang akan guna for the whole of the semester, please get the book! So that nanti you tak terpinga-pinga lecturer mengajar apa dalam kelas. Beli, fotostat or pinjam it depends on you, jangan nak dekat exams/quizes baru nak gelabah.

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Second, Know your lecturer Nama, Bilik dia kat mana, and get her/his number or email. Always consult if you have any problem regarding to her/his subjects and Try to tackle their hearts especially through your writting (assignment & Exam) and speech (Presentation).

For example : Double check assignment, Practice presentation and always consult your lecturer.
If there is any problem to understand the chapters, ask your members! Jangan tunggu dia cari kita, kita yang kena berusaha, kena rajin gali ilmu supaya faham barulah senang nak lekat. Okkay?

Here is my secret and I thing I need to share with you guys:
1. Every time ada Exam or Present, I'll inform to my parents and ask their Du'a
2. Kalau rasa nervous I baca ayat ni :

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Fourth, Give full commitment in your Group Project. Biarlah orang lain tak bersemangat pun, biar kita yang semangat sebab itu parts from our marks jugak kan?

Fifth, Time Management. For example, hari ni I kena settle my part of assignment for this subject. Then after this I'll go to eat Tomyam KLCC for the Reward.
In term of Reward, the exact reward definition is after you have done Struggle for something.
bukannya bila stress sikit keluar tengok wayang kononnya reward, tapi kerja tak siap pun.

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Final Examination
I usually akan more focus here! Sebab kat sini lah penetuannya sama ada kita akan dapat A or A-
Here is my confession, every time keluar result I akan terkejut sebab subject yang I rasa tak akan dapat 4.00 at first, but I got it at the end. Sebab apa, it's effect from the final paper lah.

So, what I do during Study Week is, First, I akan Sort every notes sepanjang sem, this is one from the benefits of my 'Magic File'. Kertas yang I tak akan guna for the final paper, I letak asing. Yang mana guna, I akan pergi BINDING. Yes, It's my level of perfectionist.

Basically, my notes akan jadi macam ni. Senang nanti I nak refer bila bila I perlukan mereka.

Second, Get Past Semester Papers either from University Website, senior, members; etc. 
Benefit : From that kita akan nampak macam mana bentuk soalan yang kita akan hadap.

Third, Make sure kita Well Prepared for the papers. Faham baru Hafal! Tak faham, tanya members. Jangan pernah ada rasa malu in term of seeking knowledge, please.
Yang penting kita kena ada USAHA. Sebab Allah SWT tak nilai result kita, DIA akan tengok usaha kita. You get me right?
I believe semua orang ada cara belajar tersendiri. Just follow cara yang korang paling selesa. Atas meja ke, duduk tepi katil ke, pergi library ke yang penting kita selesa.

Some Tips from me :
1. Enjoy your study time, Get some air (I mean udara, bukan air water tu) after 2 hours on books. For example dengar lagu ke scroll twitter ke tidur ke (usually me) baru lah senang ilmu nak masuk. Because what we need is STUDY SMART bukan duduk lama lama dekat meja but at the end got NOTHING.
2. Every 12 noon and after Asr is not my study time at all. I'll do anything I want during this Time Zone
3. I suka warna-warnikan nota supaya senang nak ingat

Fourth, Manage your time Well and get your enough rest
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What actually I mean from time management during final exam is : Let say you have 3 days before paper and 8 chapters to cover. It means I must cover 3 chapters a day. Set it wisely! Supaya nanti tak stress before paper.

Here's also my secret during Examination:
1. Inform parents and ask their Dua'a
2. Malam before sleep I akan play MP3 Surah Ar-Rahman. 
3. Sleep at 12 and wake up at 5

and Fifth, of course la Reward! Usually, my reward is makanan and shopping lah apa lagi haha

I think that is all from me. I hope it is beneficial to all my readers. Semoga kejayaan milik semua!

Thanks for reading 

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