Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Birthday Giveaway by Mamapipie

Assalamualaikum everyone. Since im still enjoying my break, let join some Giveaway!
But this is the most special because dia buat GA ni sempena birthday dia on 25th January.
Happy Birthday Mama, May Allah Bless You always and forever :D

Birthday Giveaway by Mamapipie
Dear Mama, I have done followed all the conditions stated.
IG : aiman_amani
FB : Aiman Amani
Since I just followed your blog a long time ago also joined you Giveaways before, I love your one and only entry which is :
I just addicted with this post. Well, siapa yang tak nak kulit yang menawan kan. same goes to me. But I actually love to read all the Beauty Tips. Keep post it Mama :D

Thats all, thank you.


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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Year Giveaway whoot whotttt

Assalamualaikum and Happy New Year bloggers! (it's not too late right?) Hahaha.
Since im enjoying my Sem Break, lets we go to some contest some this awesome blogger from Perak: Indah

Dear Airah and Indah, Im done followed all the conditions stated trustly. The Forth is Gambar Paling Favourite Tahun 2017. Actually all photos I have taken in 2017 are my favourite. Well, there are a lot of memories inside, even a Simple Little Memory. But I will choose three, which are

1. The most favourite is :
This is wrap up for my foundation studies at IIUM PJ Campus. I got Dean List in recognition of academic excellence with CGPA 3.7. I consider it as my first step to continue my Degree in Bachelor of Fiqh and Usul Fiqh also in IIUM but in Gombak Campus. Hopefully I'll get more recognition in my acaddemic achievement after this. 
Unfortunately, IIUM PJ Campus was close because Kolej Malaya take it back starting from this year.  Bye PJ Campus! (crying)

2. Second favourite is :
Introducing my members from same Kuliyyah, same state dan yang paling penting, satu kepala. Well, I actually an introvert person. Susah nak berkawan rapat dengan orang. But not with this peeps hahaha. Thank You guys!

3. The Third favourite but The Most Special in 2017 is :
I got this pink rose during my Birthday on 20th August 2017. Thank You so much for the special giver :D

Thats all, Thank you.

Mek Zumbie 2k18 Giveaway

Since I followed Mek Zumbie's blog a long time ago and  join hers contest every single time he makes it. So now lets we go to the recent contest he has :

I would like to choose : Blouse Merah XXXL: BM009 (New)

Why? Because I just saw this blouse at BO with another design. I like it so much due to long lost and comfortable, material pun nice. So I hope that I will get the Red one, so it will be my first Red Blouse Yahoo!

Thank You Mek Zumbie for this opportunity to join your contest :D

Giveaway #1 new year 2018 by cikyan

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(image from

Assalamualaikum. Happy New Year everyone! 
While im enjoying my Sem Break, lets go for some contest :
Dear cikyan, I have done followed all the condition stated trustly and the forth term is:

Azam Tahun Baru, Here we go!
Since Im 21 years old this year (woa, 21! Time is flying too fast), I would like to make three Big wishes wich are:
  1. Do All My Best for my Degree Life in Bachelor of Fiqh & Usul Fiqh at IIUM. Hopefully I will get 3.5 and above for every semester
  1. To be better than 2017, should be mature than usual. Be a good daughter, a productive student, a multi-purpose sister and usefull person in the World.
  1. Be prettier with Brain
Thank You Cikyan for giving me chance to join this contest. Moga success!