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Hello !

Its been a hectic week for me since assessments are almost every week . But hey I am still free on weekend LoL.

Lately, I've been through some stressful  days because of few personal problems. pft, So, here I make this post to remind myself how to really enjoy my life even in pressure.

trust me, everyone can walk thru it.

How can?

1.Be positive (+)
Ini adalah perkara yang wajib ada dalam diri setiap orang. You know why? Positive mind creates peaceful mind. In bahasa, it is what we call 'bersangka baik'. The reason is, bila inner self kita always positive, you will be very calm, not worry about any single thing and logically, almost everything yang kita buat will be smooth and even ada kecacatan or kekurangan dalam action kita will be unseen flaws.

example :

 "Ada hikmah kenapa aku dapat ujian sebegini" - bersangka baik dengan tuhan
"Aku dapat markah rendah ni sebab aku kena berusaha lagi" - tidak berputus asa
"Member ni bad mood sebab stress ni, aku kena faham dia. Stress banyak assignment kut" - bersangka baik dengan orang.
See? flaws or failures will not effect you, it will not make one down. It even push you up!
Thats the power of being positive in daily life. 

2. Love every single thing you do

Okkay, this might be hard BUT NOT. What I mean here is what are you doing now. If you are a student, make it enjoyable. If you are an employee, make it worth. If you are a business people, make it profitable. If you are an athlete, love your passion .

I make it in a smaller scope, me as a student. I know few courses are quite challenging and stressful. I understand how the struggle to wake up early in the morning, going to the class without breakfast. Full classes until late evening. But ! but... you have to enjoy.. in your own way.

*Take in Note this Important Notice*
Put some passion and fascinate into your work; (tests, quizzes, assignment). Feel it as a challenge! If you cant settle down with em right now, how would you expect you could walk through future peacefully.
The fact showed that human brain can't function for  Two things in a single minute. Thought, If there's unimportant text especially 'your love' just say, "sorry I have to settle my work" Your Task now is just to STUDY, right? So make it as the first and foremost priority. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN LIFE, LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Due to the first option mentioned above, think positive and love your doing.
examples : 
Make ur study table colourful
Add some colour on your paper
Turn your notes into cartoon
Turn your formula into songs
Find a peaceful spot at your college to breath

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3.Appreciate time and memories
Next, we know time and memories are very precious that we cannot buy with money. Hard to created and even time cannot be rewind., thought.

SO, learn to appreciate time and memories. How? Be glad you are there on that very time . Even in that rough and painful time. And also in those boring and 'mereput' kinda time.

Apatah lagi memories, people around you now wont be sure to stay with you till the end. One day, each of them will walk away, follow their own path. AND YOU TOO FOR SURE !

Be nice to them, bila lagi nak ada saat dan kenangan bersama mereka. Especially with your loved one, your parents, your husband/wife (is you're already married).
Live , Love , Life 

Be grateful and Love everyone 

6.Reward yourself
All right, next is you know you have been through a lot. You have taste your bittest moment in your life. You know you suffer a lot. When you did something successful , REWARD YOURSELF WORTH TO YOUR DEED. 
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Lets look into one example (commonly), I have study really hard for my final examination. I sacrifice my time of playing (phone hahaha), my money on book or tuition. And I did it through my examination.

So, reward yourself after that. Maybe something you love to eat. Dip & dip? Or Sleep for three Days? :)

The thing is not about you passed the exam with 4.0 . NO! It is the effort that you put on it .

So you know how much you struggle for it. 

And so you know you are loved :D (lol ayat org lonely dont mind me)

6.Manage time wisely

You know you don't want to burden yourself with those annoying little things such as the problems, the chores, the perk of being clumsy and every thing. You must manage your time well, so that there's no term of clumsy, not ready, chores and assignments tak siap and so on.

You have to make a plan to settle down your works.

Based on my planning, I have list of chores in my phone. I also jot down things to do, to buy, wishlist, future planning in my personal book. If i got time soon, I'll make a post on my past books . InshaAllah
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7. Regret nothing

Once you have done so many things, don't ever look back if it is torturing. If it was a very memorable moment, don't look back with tears of missing. Look forward to create more memorable time with people around you.

If it is me, I can't see things I've not done yet. I would have the willing to take the chance and experience it once. It would be great if it just once so you know how it feel and you can talk to people about it. bruh I have done it once! that is more than enough :)

"I don't regret the things I've done, I regret the things I didn't done when I got the time"

With that, I end my post. I hope it benefit whoever read this. I appreciate your time well spent here. Have a nice day everyone ! Smile :D

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