Friday, August 4, 2017

Instant Shawl Giveaway by Mamapipie

It's weekend and Im free! So, lets do a Special contest from this beautiful mummy. Oh God! She's so inspiring me, after I followed her life through blogger and I was like "I should be like her one day" Amin. So, mama May Allah bless your always and forever. Keep inspiring me and please don't stop it.

Since 20 august is my birthday and it's also the last day for this giveaway. I wish it could be my luck to get a shawl from this gorgeous mom as my birthday present. Hihi.
so u guys can click the banner to join this Giveaway, hurry up!

Mama, I already follow all the conditions :D

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mamapp said...

Omaigad Tq Amani, kebetulan pulanye 20th ur birthday. Semoga Ada rezeki birthday girl nanti. Tq support GA mama. Good luck ye

Lina Shaza said...

good luck..
dari giveaway yang sama