Friday, August 11, 2017

Advices for me and us

Assalamualaikum and a very happy Saturday morning guys !
It's weekend and im just done all household works while waiting for my kid back from her tuition.
So i would like to share some advises especially for women out there.
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Sincerely, im not a perfect girl without any fault and sin but i try my BEST to be as NICE as I can.
First of all, what actually a GOOD woman mean? It isn't the one who wear fully black and lose from top to toe while holding the tasbih or qur'an every single minute. (No it doesn't mean it's wrong, ini bukan syiah status ye kawan2.. I am pior syafi'e okkay haha #tiber)
a GOOD girl (in my own definition) is : Who can control her every single step based on syariah compliance. She can be both modest and obsolete. She's multitasker and essential one is she apply Common Sense.
 Until now, I found only three girl with all above criteria and I put them in my Idol List.

Here are some advises :
  • Dont make people lost respect
This is a confession. I am a socialism person, I love to have lot of friends, I like to see how they are and I like to stalk people (psiko gila hahahaa)
Unfortunately, I feel so sorrowful when I stalk them! 
There's a story where I respected a girl (older than me) from what she wear and what she's talking about (islamic advice) Until one day, I got a picture she is standing by a man in a photo (there's a gap between them). Yes, mungkin orang lain anggap ni benda simple but not for me. Sebab bagi saya, bergambar berdua dengan lelaki even with gap is MURAH. (kalau rasa statement ni syadid jangan terima because everyone has their own opinion and stand)
It's not the only case i found, but there are A LOT. Actually, I am the one who easily respect people, but after I lost the respect for 98456230 time, i use to note my self for not easily respect before I know the colour of the people.
I TAKE IT AS EXAMPLES AND MORALS FOR ME TO BE A GOOD PEOPLE. Yang buruk kita tolak tepi, yang elok kita ambik serap dalam diri.

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  • Care of our self
Why must we take care of others skirts when we have our own skirt? It's common when we are hanging out with our friends and talking about others (Girls matter. Always. Haha). Then what should we do at the situation? sanggup ke makan daging orang yang kita label tu?
Better to keep silent and when there's is something wrong with them, Remind her with wisdom. At least kita tegur.

  • Be nice to other
Be kind to our FAMILY, our FRIENDS, our SURROUNDING (including animals and plants). Be a GOOD listener, best advisor and so on. Then everyone will feel free and comfort to have friend with you too. Believe me! In cliche, when we want everybody respect us, RESPECT THEM FIRST.
Don't forget to apply common sense (this's a very essential thing). What is common sense? For example, when you see a old man holding a lot of things, help them. When you see there's no food and everyone is hungry. Prepare meal and eat with them.
Thank you for reading, and sorry manglish language haha
Put your comments below :D

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farhanna jafri said...

betul tu, nak jadi orang yang baik memang susah. Banyak yang kena tempuh. Anyway, Singgah sini jadi pembaca baru blog ni :)

mamapp said...

Always find room for improvement

Nisha said...

Assalammualaikum dan haii! :D
Untuk pengetahuan awak, Nisha sudah tag awak untuk satu segmen ya <3
Segmen itu sangat simple dan ada hadiah yang merupakan hadiah misteri serta wang. B)
Jemputlah join yaa bila ada masa nanti ^^
Lagi ramai lagi meriah! hehe :*