Friday, June 16, 2017

Wrap Up My Foundation Life

Assalamualaikum and Salam Ramadhan.
IT'S RAMADHAN! I really LOVE this Vibes. Sooo Calm *melting* So Today, I wanna Flashback My Journey during Foundation at Centre For Foundation Studies IIUMPJ before it will Rest In Peace after this. Why? Because I have learnt a lot from this Journey. A LOT.
books, stationary, and back to school image

Well, CFSIIUMPJ is my first dormitory, I didnt stay at any dormitory before. So survive without families isnt chill as I thought before haha, and guess what CFSPJ tu dah la sebelah KL Town je. First masuk memang tak cultural shock pun okkay, sebab ye lah UIA kan, Environment pun Islamic macam kat Maahad. Tapi tak sehebat Maahad.

About Studies, I took Islamic Revealed Knowledge Course. So I must achieve level 5.5 English, Level 6 for Arabic and also finish up 12 subjects to settle up my Foundation Studies and here are My Results :
Alhamdulillah I grade with CGPA 3.71

Some memories captured :
First Sem buddies, until now.
Berkampung depan bilik ustazah semata nak settle Research haha
 Intro to Law Buddies.
 Intro to Stats Buddies
 Study Skills with Ust Abd Rahman from Syria
 Public Speaking with Ustzh Nafithah from Falastine
 Muka-muka kena saman sebab langgar curfew haha
 Buddies yang ada masa susah. Love you guys *Flying kiss*
My First and Last masuk Klinik.

And now, Im pursuing my studies in Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage in Islamic Jurisprudence. Why Usul Fiqh? Sebab minat dari zaman sekolah. 
U know what, the only A+ I have got during my SPM is Syariah Islamiah. yang lain semua A, A-, B+ haha. 

OK, Thats all. I just need your Du'aas to Keep Success in this World and also Hereafter

Thank You

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Ninie said...

Keep moving forward and bright path will always lead your way. Good luck Amani!