Friday, January 6, 2017

The January 2017 Giveaway by Mek Zumbie


Assalamualaikum, Good Morning and Happy New Year to everyone!
The best Segmen I have ever joined, Serious Talk! Congratulatiom Mek Zumbie for this awesome segment!

Okey, Lets go !
Actually, I have a lot of things and plans to do within this year. 
The most is.. jengjengjeng  
Seriously, I am both excited and and nervous for this one. 
Insha Allah this September, I will attend into Bachelor of Islamic Education in International Islamic University (IIUM). Do pray for me! Insha Allah, my succes also come from you Du'aa
The second one is, Kahwin. haha. Takdelah. Satu je kan, jangan nak melebih okkay :D

Thank Your for reading

5 00 Kunyah Chewing Gum:

Malas letak said...

Goodluck.. For your degree :)

Noor Najwa said...

gudluck..all the best

AJIM said...

Good luck in your study, and kawen too! hehe

Ajim datang blogwalking dari segmen sama. done follow #547. jemput followback heee

Mek Zumbie said...

Good luck on your study :)

afiqah zamri said...

singgah jap kat blog^^