Birthday Giveaway by Mamapipie
posted by Amani◕‿◕ 8:21 PM 6 comments
Assalamualaikum everyone. Since im still enjoying my break, let join some Giveaway!
But this is the most special because dia buat GA ni sempena birthday dia on 25th January.
Happy Birthday Mama, May Allah Bless You always and forever :D

Birthday Giveaway by Mamapipie
Dear Mama, I have done followed all the conditions stated.
IG : aiman_amani
FB : Aiman Amani
Since I just followed your blog a long time ago also joined you Giveaways before, I love your one and only entry which is :
I just addicted with this post. Well, siapa yang tak nak kulit yang menawan kan. same goes to me. But I actually love to read all the Beauty Tips. Keep post it Mama :D

Thats all, thank you.
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