mini stationery giveaway by mirzasyazwina
posted by Amani◕‿◕ 8:55 PM 2 comments
It's a last day to join this GA, and this is my special chance lah kiranya sebab baru ada kesempatan round blogs. So here I go !
(Click the banner to join)

Oh my God! all this stuff is double triple cute. I fell in love in the first sight thought. Hopefully, I will win and grab all the stationaries in the picture. Why? because I love to collect all kind of stationaries since secondary school even pakai skali je pastu dah sayang nak guna sampai bila-bila sebab comelll sangattt. 

Dearcik silang tangan, I already follow all your conditions and ready to grab all this stationaries hahaha *tamak face*
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